Splashbacks are the stylish alternative to tiling your kitchen. Hygenic and easy to install, splashbacks can subtly complement work surfaces or alternatively be used as a stunning design feature.

9 colors to chose from, you can easly bring a new lease of life to any kitchen area with a bright, reflective, feature splashback.

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Carnaval 600mmPP1238 AB61 220.00
Carnaval 1200mmPP1238 AB61 (1200mm) 365.00
Frosted Jade 600mmPP6353 AB61 220.00
Frosted Jade 1200mmPP6353 AB61 (1200mm) 365.00
Wasabi 600mmPP5341 AB61 220.00
Wasabi 1200mmPP5341 AB61 (1200mm) 365.00
Frosted Silver 600mmPP6354 AB61 220.00
Frosted Silver 1200mmPP6354 AB61 (1200mm) 365.00
Dark Chocolate 600mmPP2200 AB61 220.00
Dark Chocolate 1200mmPP2200 AB61 (1200mm) 365.00
Alpino 600mmPP1040 AB61 220.00
Alpino 1200mmPP1040 AB61 (1200mm) 365.00
Diamond Black 600mmPP2253 AB61 220.00
Diamond Black 1200mmPP2253 AB61 (1200mm) 365.00
Brushed Aluminium 600mmPP8951 MB 220.00
Brushed Aluminium 1200mmPP8951 MB (1200mm) 365.00
Amarena 600mmPP6907 AB61 220.00
Amarena 1200mmPP6907 AB61 (1200mm) 365.00

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